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    Automatic tool arrangement system

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    Automatic tool arrangement system

    Automatic knife arranging machine Serie KMD-C150

    The KMD-C150 automatic positioning and cutting system is a safe, efficient and fully automatic tool arranging module after the integration of KHEMED and Taiwan’s machine, electricity, and gas. It is based on its own brand (OTECH HINFE) and modularization. The patented design has won the recognition of customers and the market.

    The KMD-C150 high-performance series slitting knife automatically lowers (up) the knife, automatically closes (returns) the knife, and the setting time is very short, which can significantly improve productivity and provide you with first-class coil cutting quality. They are reliable in quality and excellent in performance, suitable for various slitting production occasions such as light-duty modification and even heavy-duty paper factories. KMD-C150 cutter is suitable for soft materials such as paper, packaging film, label paper and so on.

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