The following are the main market segments of Chinese brand slitting circular blades:

(1), the automotive industry

The processing characteristics of the automobile industry are firstly large-volume, assembly-line production, and secondly, the processing conditions are relatively fixed. In order to optimize production and improve the quality and efficiency of Hengli Machinery, the automotive industry has put forward very demanding requirements on the processing efficiency and service life of the tools. At the same time, due to the use of assembly line operation, in order to avoid the shutdown of the entire production line due to blade change, which causes huge economic losses, a mandatory unified tool change method is usually adopted. This also puts forward some high requirements for the stability of the tool quality.

(2) Aerospace industry

The processing characteristic of the aerospace industry is that it requires high processing precision and that it is difficult to process materials. Most of the parts and materials processed by this industry are high-temperature alloys and nickel-titanium alloys (such as INCONEL718, etc.) with high toughness and strength, making the imported Shanghai round blades very useful.

(3) Manufacturers of large turbines, steam turbines, generators and diesel engines

Most of the parts to be processed by these companies are bulky and expensive. When processing, it is vital to ensure the accuracy of the processed parts and reduce the waste. Therefore, imported tungsten steel round blades are often used in these industries.

(4) Enterprises that use more CNC machine tools

As the saying goes, "a good horse is equipped with a good saddle", in order to improve processing efficiency and product quality, and to give full play to the use efficiency of CNC machine tools, it is often easier to achieve the expected results with imported round blades.

(5) Foreign-funded enterprises

In these enterprises, often pay more attention to the guarantee of production efficiency and quality. Since many of the equipment of foreign-funded enterprises are imported machine tools and equipment from abroad, it is only natural to adopt the round blades of the importing country.

In addition, there are many other industries, such as the mold industry, military enterprises, etc., which use imported alloy round blades more commonly.