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    Khemed was founded in 2011, located in Kunshan which ranked first place in top 100 counties of China. Khemed focuses on a variety of cutting tools of R & D and production, as well as the technology innovation since it set up. Following the rule of innovation and design quality control, Khemed sells Otech Knife brand at home and abroad. Our company mainly sells all kinds of cutting tools, pneumatic cutting tools, and we also agent many kinds of knives made in Taiwan, Japan, Germany BILLcutting tools.

    Khemed has set up technical cooperation with Toyo blade, Germany BILL after several years of development. We improve the technical constantly, getting a completed scheme in viscous material industry, paper industry, special membrane material industry when they used in the production process gradually, reducing the production cost for customers effectively, as well as saving resources to make the customers’ products more competitiveness.

    Khemed follows the rule: credibility first, customer first, the concept of sustainable development since the establishment, we feedback the actual benefits to our customers and country, we welcome customers domestic and overseas to visit our company and communicate with us.

    Company culture
    • Enterprise spirit
      Enterprise spirit
      Integrity, self-discipline, self-confidence, self-reliance, self-improvement
    • customer
      Provide customers with high-quality and most valuable professional products and professional services, and win customers' understanding, respect and support with sincerity and strength.
    • Employee
      Trust the efforts and dedication of colleagues, recognize the achievements of employees and provide corresponding rewards to create a good working environment and development prospects for employees.
    • market
      Improve production efficiency for customers, reduce procurement costs and risks, and provide customers with practical protection.
    • develop
      Pursue the goal of teamwork for sustainable development and win-win, and build it on the basis of customer satisfaction, and assume corresponding social responsibilities and missions.
    Development path
    Founded in 2011, Kunshan KMD Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. is engaged in the sales of flexible winding packaging materials and the sales agent of Taiwan-made knives for slitting tools.
    Transitioned from a trading business to an industrial technology-based business, and began to independently research and develop pneumatic knife sets OTK-C150 OTK-D90 and other series.
    Became the distributor of DENES Knives in Eastern China in China. In the same year, it registered its own brand trademark Otech KNIFE and promoted and sold the pneumatic knife set OTK-C150 OTK-D90 series in the Chinese market.
    The company's registered capital was changed from RMB 500,000 to RMB 3 million, and then developed pneumatic knife sets OTK-C180 OTK-T90, OTK-G200 series pneumatic knife sets.

    In the same year, it cooperated with German Siemens and China to develop the Khemed brand (registered trademark of Khemed) automatic arranging knife positioning and cutting system, named KMD-C150 (the first independent research and development brand in the Chinese market)
    The KMD-C150-15U automatic arranging knife positioning and cutting system was developed and put on the market. In the same year, the OTK-M150 pneumatic knife set was successfully developed.

    In July of the same year, due to the company's business development needs, the company Kunshan KMD Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. changed its name to Kunshan KMD Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

    In October of the same year, Sino-German technology cooperated to develop a wide-width automatic arranging knife positioning and cutting system KMD-C150-37U, which was successfully introduced to the market, and was exported overseas relying on customer equipment and was favored by customers. In the same year, the company applied to the Chinese government for automatic arranging knife positioning. Patent for slitting system.
    May Obtained the patent of automatic arranging knife positioning and cutting system components and the patent of tool shape with national approval.

    In July of the same year, the ultra-thin pneumatic knife set OTK-T150 OTK-T90B was born.

    In the same year, the multiple pneumatic knife automatic positioning and cutting system (KMD-T90B-17U) and the pneumatic knife set developed by the KMD brand have successively applied for a number of patents to the country, and successively obtained patent certificates.
    In October, developed the pneumatic knife set OTK-T76 OTK-T200 multifunctional pneumatic knife set, and applied for a number of patents. And participated in the China Paper Machinery Exhibition in Shanghai, which was recognized by customers.

    In December of the same year, the pneumatic knife set OTK-C150B pneumatic knife set was developed to solve the problem of removing glue from the cutting tool for the label industry. The knife set has a precise adjustment function.
    In January, the OTK-C150B pneumatic knife set was developed and put on sale. In the same year, the automatic knife arranging machine (KMD-C150B-45U) was developed with effective arranging knife (4500mm) width and successfully introduced to the market.
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